Intercoms and Access Controls

Quality Audio Only Intercoms

We are stockists and installers of an extensive range of Ai - Phone Audio Intercoms and gate releases.

Key Pad entry devices

We can implement all forms of switching and Eggress exit devices.  Call our qualified staff for further details.

Colour Audio Visual Intercoms

Available for supply and installation is the Ai Phone JB and JF Series Colour / black & white Audio Visual hard wired intercom units and gate release hardware.

Modem and phone control switching

We can supply and fit a large range of Modem and phone style switching to your gate automation, including safety devices such as Photo Electric Beams and Read Switches.

In Ground and Inductive sensors

For our commercial and industrial gate solutions we offer a large range of inground and inductive loop detectors and exit devices.

These devices can be utilised in both swinging and sliding gate scenarios and are a cost affective method of contolling entry and exit  traffic.

Please contact us if you require assistance with the electrical wiring requirements and our staff will be more than happy to put you in contact with an experienced electrical contractor.

Lock Focus, Rosslinear electronic access control is an elegant and stylish breakthrough in Keyless electronic codepad technology.

The Rosslinear system provides quick access to the user and easliy installs with your exsiting door hardware.  Configuration options include an exit button and additional code pads and strikes are availble.

The system is entirly powered by its own battery source, there for you will not need to run expensive electrical wiring to the gate or door.

The highlights of this wonderfull product include:

*     Modern and discrete styling and design.

*     4 Modes of operation: Normal, Passage, Master access and Time delay.

*     Over 200 user codes of 4 - 8 digits.

*     Estimated 3 year battery life - approximatley 30,000 operations.

Wirless Intercom Units

We are stockists and installers of Quality Wireless Video Door Phones.

Electric Locks and Electronic magnets

Large range of electric locks and hold open / closed electronic magnet latches

Photo Electric Safety Devices

Photo Electric Beams are a cost-effective safety device to prevent your swing or sliding gate from closing or opening against an obstruction such as your car or family member. These devices are strongly recommended if you choose to activate the auto close function on your gate automation system.